Learning Management Systems

As your safety training consultant, Compliance Edge dedicates our resources to ensure your team is up to date on the latest training and compliance requirements. Additionally, we want to make sure that the process of doing so is seamless. That’s where out LMS training comes into play.  Track course completion, fast-track the onboarding process, and much more with learning management systems.

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  • FREE
  • Trial Access to the AOS LMS
  • Group discounts available
  • 40% off the first user after trial
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  • $5.00/mo.
  • Unlimited Access to AOS, DOT, and OSHA courses
  • Seamlessly track team training progress
  • Online training at your pace and convenience
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  • Unlimited package plus real-time administrator dashboards
  • Enhance user experience with custom-branded training
  • Choose between 7 different languages for interface experience
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Enterprise LMS Overview

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Fully Mobile Platform (PC, Phones, Tablets, and devices)
  • Custom branded client training portal (w/corporate labeled URL)
  • Real-time Administrator dashboards
  • Manage Instructor-Led, Virtual Instructor-Led, and Online Training 
  • Automated record keeping: Robust reporting engine
  • Automated scheduling and report emailing function
  • Users can select between 7 different languages for their interface
  • (NEW) LIVE “Virtual Training Universities” (integrate GoToMeeting, Webex, …)

Your Toolbox: Training Content

  • Over 1,800 courses covering 28 Industries
  • Online Training catalogs – Approved OSHA Outreach courses
  • Video On-Demand catalog - Stream content online
  • English and Spanish topics are available

Build Your Own Training

  • Custom eLearning Course Creation Tool and Certificate Builder
  • Tailored exam and survey modules
  • (NEW) Digital fillable documents / digital signatures
  • (NEW)-Hire orientation / Vender onboarding automation

Access Training Anywhere

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Access fully-responsive training via PC, laptop, smart phone, iPad, tablets, or smart TV’s
  • Supports individual language selection per user – 9 languages to choose from
  • Stream safety training on-demand when you want, how you want.

Powerful Technical Specifications

  • Open architecture (xAPI): Integrate D2K data into platforms like HR, CRM, ERP systems
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Allows students to login to ONE platform and pass into D2k seamlessly
  • 3rd Party Training Content: Easily load 3rd party SCORM/Tin Can courses
  • Save documents to an onboard student accessible Global Resource Library

Customer Services & IT Support

  • Available via phone (1-866-427-2467)
  • Email us at customerservice@advanceonline.com
  • IT support: All levels with (SLA) Service Level Agreement guarantee
  • Contact us 24/7