NYC SST Training Introduction

We proudly partner with our OSHA-Authorized partner, AdvanceOnline Solutions for OSHA Outreach Training and online courses.

As of recent, NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) requires construction workers to hold an SST Worker card. SST cards require 40 total hours of DOB-approved,  on-site safety training. Without an SST card, you will not be permitted to work at any New York City jobsite with a Site Safety Plan.

Meet your Local Law 196 training requirements completely online with our convenient SST, OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 courses. Once you complete your training, you can request your 40-hour SST Worker card.

Target Audience

Under Local Law 196, construction and demolition workers at any site with a Site Safety Plan must hold an SST and SST worker card. An easy way to determine if you need the NYC SST is if there is a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager at your job site. For any questions, contact our team.

Course Details

NYC Construction professionals need to complete 40-Hours of OSHA training in order to get their SST.  For those who already hold the OSHA-30, simply take the 10 hour SST. If you hold the OSHA-10, you must complete 30 additional hours of DOB-approved site safety training that includes four (4) general elective and four (4) special elective courses.

Who is Exempt from the NYC SST?

  • Building site owners
  • Consultants
  • Construction managers
  • Concrete testing laboratories/concrete inspectors
  • Delivery persons
  • Developers
  • DOB licensees and registrants who do not have an SST Supervisor role
  • Filing representatives
  • Flag persons
  • Furniture installers who assemble modular furniture
  • General contractors
  • Professional engineers
  • Project managers
  • Registered architects
  • Security officers
  • Service technicians
  • Special inspectors


To get your NYC SST, construction professionals need to complete 40 hours of SST training. Accomplish your 40-hours by taking the OSHA-30 and 10 hour SST with Compliance Edge and our OSHA-authorized partner.

Next, simply provide certifications of completion for course work along with documentation that proves your identity and address such as a driver’s license. Lastly, provide a recent photo that is no more than 2 years old for the NYC SST card.

Proof of completion, identity, and your photograph will be verified and the NYC SST will be sent in 10 days!