Safety Leadership Training

Our leadership programs reflect a variety of domains from psychological science, including the behavioral-science principles of positive vs. negative reinforcement, observational learning, and behavior-based feedback.

Other directives reflect humanism, from empathy and interdependency to systems thinking, and self-transcendence. We derived additional safety directives from social psychology, including principles of social influence and dynamics of group decision-making.

Industry Leading Instructors

The Compliance Edge brings in the top experts of safety and leadership. We structure dependability with organizational and reliable leadership.

Daily Breakdowns and Objectives

We offer a variety of programs including 1/2 day to multiple day leadership training programs, each structured with objectives and team building.

Training Built for Your Needs

Tell us what works best for you, onsite and face-to-face, engagement provoking online webinars, or a hybrid. We make our programs work for you.

Cultivate Culture

Successful organizations begin with a top-down approach to leadership. An ineffective structure can range from stress-inducing leadership to over-the-top metrics. In turn, this skews the actual performance and reporting of highly critical data such as KPIs and Near Misses.

It’s time to create an effective culture by bridging the gap between different divisions as well as the varying roles and levels of those within the same division. 

Image of 2 construction workers shaking hands to depict Spanish OSHA training
An image of 2 construction workers surrounding a computer to depict online safety training

Put it into Practice

It’s one thing to preach the acceptance of new ideas and honest feedback, it’s another to listen and discuss what you’re hearing. That all begins with the top-level and management roles. The Compliance Edge helps uncover your weak spots in safety leadership and navigate a better solution.

CE finds the best tools and teaches companies how to use them efficiently. From creating new processes to implementing top-tier software, The Compliance Edge helps navigate the best solution for all types of businesses.

Build from Within

Unless your birth certificate came with a complimentary trust fund, you won’t pop out of the womb a CEO. Few are born leaders, many are created by the foundation around them. Together, we can create a structure that develops your workforce both as top-notch employees and as humans. 

From the latest safety tools and resources to top-down ownership, The Compliance Edge creates a structure that empowers employees and builds confidence.

An image of a group of construction workers talking to depict safety leadership