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Who Needs OSHA 10 Hour Training?

If you’re here, you’re asking yourself, do I need OSHA 10 hour training? Let’s find an answer. OSHA 10 hour training serves two different industries. There is both an OSHA 10 general industry certification and an OSHA 10 construction certification. The General Industry OSHA certification is most common for professionals in the healthcare, factory operations, manufacturing, or warehousing industry. Whereas, OSHA Construction is exactly what it sounds like and serves those who are looking to involve themselves in the construction industry whether it’s an entry-level, supervisor, or manager position.

What does OSHA 10 hour cover?

OSHA 10 training covers the basic safety standards in the chosen industry. The purpose of this training is to familiarize participants with OSHA standards and regulations. The end goal? To ensure all employees perform in a safe work environment. OSHA 10, as the name implies, is a 10-hour training course. Meaning, 10 hours of training has to happen. Topics vary between the OSHA General and OSHA Construction.

Mandatory OSHA 10 General Industry Topics

  • Intro to OSHA

  • Hazard communication

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

  • Emergency action plans

    • Exit routes
    • Fire protection
    • Fire prevention
  • Flammable Liquids

  • Electrical

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Machine Guarding

  • Walking and working surfaces

    • Fall Protection
  • Safety and Health Programs

Mandatory OSHA 10 Construction Topics

  • Intro to OSHA

  • Excavations

  • Scaffolds

  • Fall Protection

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Hand and Power Tools

  • Electrical Safety

  • Health Hazards-Hazard Communications

  • Material Handling, Use, Storage, and Disposal

  • Stairways and Ladders

How long will it take to receive my OSHA-10 card?

On average, receiving your OSHA card takes up to 90 days. However, after finishing up the course, students are issued a certificate of completion until the card arrives from the Department of Labor.

Are you in a pinch and need one of the fastest OSHA 10 cards? Schedule an online OSHA course with The Compliance Edge. Our team offers both online and onsite OSHA training, but if you’re in a rush and need it fast, online is your best bet. After successfully completing the online OSHA course, your plastic OSHA 10 card arrives in the mail 2-7 days later.